Ekpe Usa
The Symbolism of Animals in the EKPE Society
The Ekpe Society is named after the Leopard ( Tiger or Lion). Interchangeablely referred to in the dialect as Ngbe, Nyamkpe or Ekpe, this animal symbolizes Courage
The Elephant also known as Achui-Ngbe represents Greatness.
The Tortoise known as Bekundi, symbolizes Wisdom

Ekpe in Cuba

Ekpe members from Cameroon discover their brothers and sisters from Cuba who have been separated from them for over 200 years as a result of slave trade.
It is difficult to find the right words to describe what I and a delegation of Cameroonian Ekpe members from the Ekpe DC Lodge saw and felt in New York on September 5th 2009. Two hundred years of separation from our brothers and sisters in Cuba, caused by the vices of the slave trade came to a crashing halt on this blessed day in New York.
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On Saturday, December 1,2007, Cameroonians from Manyu Division gathered at the “Upper Banyang Hall” on 7320 Roosevelt Boulevard in Elkridge, Maryland, to celebrate the coronation of Chief Elias Akwo as Sesseku, Nfor Mgbe or Chief of Nyangkpe. Nyangkpe or Ekpe is the traditional governing body and the highest and most revered society of the Manyu people in Cameroon
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History and activities of EKPE DC Lodge

The most recent history of the Washington DC EKPE LODGE goes back as far as 1996 with the immigration into the USA of Sisiku OJONG OROCK. He is the first SISIKU (EKPE CHIEF) who set foot in the USA on February 27, 1996 to settle in America. With his arrival, He and the then Tata Ngbe Mfonten Mbu, Tata Ngbe Carlet Ako (of blessed memory) and Tata Ngbe Martin Mbeng, who was then First Counselor at the Cameroon Embassy in Washington DC, began the growing of the Washington DC Ekpe Lodge.
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